Paradise Lost’s Aaron to ride Heavy Metal Truants cycle!


Last year Nick from Paradise Lost cycled the Heavy Metal Truants ride from London to Download Festival.

This year is the turn of Aaron from the band!

Heavy Metal Truants is a 161-mile charity bike ride from London’s Alexandra Palace, all the way to Donington for Download Festival 2014. Last year saw a genuinely motley crew made the arduous journey up to metal’s hallowed grounds, including the likes of Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto, Perry from Pendulum, TesseracT’s James Monteith, Ben Joliffe from Young Guns, Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost and legendary Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood. “Metal fans like to get up off their backsides and do things, it’s a very proactive tribe,” says Rod. “Last year’s ride to Donington was a lot of fun and it raised £94,000 for kids in need, but they and others still need our help, and this is a great way to do that with an interesting and varied bunch of riders. It’s totally metal in that we are all in it together, rough and smooth, whether you are a fan, band member, journalist , editor, manager or involved in the metal music biz . We ride together, eat together and drink together. And it’s a blast. Check it out and do some good for other people, too. If you have the heart and soul and liver, come and join us”.

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  • May 22nd, 2014

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