Mojo Fury are starting a Pledge campaign for their second album!

Check out the brand new video for the title track “The Difference Between” here:

Check out the campaign here:

“Do you remember when you were a kid finishing a picture or making a model and you ran in to show it to your to your ma, da or friend? In my head I’m running towards the world holding Mojo Fury’s second album shouting, “look what we have made”! We’re really proud because we actually did make this ourselves and I wouldn’t want it to sound any other way. Now, unfortunately the world can’t just stick it on the fridge door. There is recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, marketing and touring involved and that’s where we need your help. Pledge Music is about interaction and involvement so we have come up with ideas that will hopefully interest you. Use your imagination, let us be your puppets and let’s have some fun together.

Don’t think that one little pledge wont make a difference because it will and every single one counts.

I’m sure you’ve heard people saying that the music industry is changing, well, this is it: we are a real band who create real music, and luckily we don’t have a major label wasting thousands of pounds in fancy studios or on flashy videos. We just wanna get the music out there because we believe in it.

Thanks for reading this and if you pledge we will be forever grateful.

Michael Mormecha
Mojo Fury”

  • July 12th, 2013

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