Welcome to Northern Music Co.

We discover, build and develop bands – helping them achieve a long lasting multi album career. We pride ourselves on our ground breaking and diverse roster that commands credibility within artists’ sub-genres, enabling them to enjoy long term international careers.

Northern Music Co ensures the fulfilment of the artist’s own vision with:

  • Specialist advice backed by decades of music industry experience
  • Tenacious negotiation skills, which create the best deals possible
  • Financial planning in conjunction with lawyers and accountants
  • Concise touring plans in conjunction with booking agents or self-booked
  • Traditional and new media marketing

In an ever-fluctuating music industry we believe the most effective way of developing our artist’s best interests is to understand all aspects of the industry affecting them. This approach brought around the birth of sister companies: NMC Live, Omerch, Graphite Records and AMF Music Publishing. Although some of our artists work with all sister companies we maintain each company exclusive to their own purpose and will always look at the best options for each artist respectively. We will never create a conflict of interest; Northern Music Co. is a management company first and foremost.

Andy Farrow – Managing Director.

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