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To coincide with 65daysofstatic’s March & April tour dates, the band are set to release their next single ‘Taipei’ on the 24th March 2014. The track is taken from last year’s critically acclaimed album ‘Wild Light’, and the single also features an unreleased B-side titled ‘Drone Not Drones’.

The band had this to say about the track:

‘Taipei is one of the first Wild Light songs that started getting written. It began with some chance polyrhythms at the Gloria Hotel, Taipei, under the shadow of the 101 and above the hum of the MRT. Night markets selling bootleg operating systems and tofu; one of Calvino’s cities made real; a lithe metropolis sculpted like a well EQ’d kick drum: all sub and crispy punch, the muddy low-end junk scooped out.

Took all that back to a room in Sheffield and tried to kick all the pretentiousness out of it, found some melody to hold all that noise down for a while so when it does get going, it really gets going.’

The band hit the road in March for several dates in the UK & Europe, including a SOLD-OUT show at Koko in London.

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  • March 21st, 2014

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